About Top Secret Flight

TOP SECRET FLIGHT tells the story of a photo-reconnaissance mission over Japan at the beginning of World War II.  A retired CIA officer, who was directly involved in modifying three B-17 aircraft to create the world’s first reconnaissance planes, is the source documenting this mission.

Three months after Pearl Harbor, the mission was flown to capture the only aerial photos of Japan. They were to be used for targeting cities in America’s first bombing attack. This flight was the longest ever flown, the final leg lasting 28 hours.

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Woven from fact and fiction, this dramatic story involves an ‘impossible’ flight, a cocky young pilot, his crew and the girl he left behind… who loves him.

True wartime events have been woven into the story, including the unbroken string of Japanese victories after Pearl Harbor. Then in February 1942, the brilliant action of Navy Lieutenant Butch O’Hare when, in one flight off the carrier LEXINGTON, he became Americas first WWII ace and a national hero.

Many actual persons are featured, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and General Hap Arnold, plus fictitious characters, imagined backgrounds and believable situations.

The heroine is the youngest member of the ‘Ninety-Nines’, America’s first group of women pilots – started by Amelia Earhart. The incredible sequence of actual events leading to the famous Doolittle Raid on Japan on April 18, 1942 are described.

The story touches on the controversial incarceration of 100,000 Japanese-American citizens sent to relocation camps (prisons).

The covert conspiracies of two exceptionally high level Americans are discussed. They allegedly provided secret information… documented by Allen Dulles… which ended in the hands of the Abwehr, the German intelligence organization.

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